Rotel RDV-1060 vs Rotel RCD-1072vs RCC-1055

Hello, Has any body done a side by side comparsion of these two units. I have the RVD-1060 but only use it for cd playback. And was thinking of changing it out for a RCD-1072. or maybe even a RCC-1055 . And all have to be silver cause it sounds so much better than black. Lol.
Anyway thanks in advance for your time. Oh by the way i will be hooking it up to a DK MkIII integrated.

I did at one time have the RDV-1060 and was very displeased with the cd sound. It just sounded closed in. I exchanged it for the RCD-1072 and have not wanted for more.

NO comparison get the RCD-1072.