Rotel RDG-1520

Does anyone have any experience with this product? I think it looks like a neat mid fi solution for a tuner, and DAC all in one with a nice digital ipod input. My only question is how would i be able to utilize it (if at all) as a DAC for digitally output flac files from a pc? Not up to speed on streaming but would appreciate hearing about those options with this piece of equipment. Yes I know it is midfi, but its only $1000....which is a nice price point.

Hi. I don't have experience with this unit, but have had Rotel amp/pre/cd player and I'm somewhat familiar with PC audio so will try and help.

It does look like an all-in one solution. Not sure that's a good thing in digital, though.

To answer your question: for best performance in streaming music from a computer you should also consider adding a USB to SPDIF converter between the computer and this unit, so to minimize jitter coming into the Rotel DAC.

$1000 is significant money in digital these days, so I invite you to think carefully what you value most. Do you really need all the features in the Rotel? For that kind of money you can get a decent DAC and USB converter and access radio thru the computer.

I hope it helps some until someone with actual experience with this unit chimes in.