Rotel RDD-1580 DAC?

Anybody had experience with Rotel's new DAC (RDD-1580)?

I'm looking for a decent DAC (preferably under $1000) that will play 24/192 files through USB. Was considering the Parasound ZDAC but discovered that it's USB input is limited to 24/96. Likewise, the Emotiva XDA-2 looked good but seems to suffer from buggy performance issues.

So, I'd be interested in feedback on the Rotel - or recommendations for alternatives I should consider.
It's had some decent reviews. Haven't heard any of them but might add these to your list to research:
Resonessence Concero, Audiolab MDAC, iFi iDAC
Thanks Loftarasa, I will definitely check those out.
Really - no-one has listened to the Rotel?! Any other sub $1K DAC reccos?