rotel rcd991 which dac?

I have a rotel 991 sounds good but curious to what dac you have tried with it?
so is this a good enough player without a outboard dac? any info greeatly appreciated.Scott
the rcd991 has dual burr brown 20-bit dacs, which are very good. my denon universal player, which sounds great, uses the same dacs. now, you could add a dac which does 24 or 32 bit, upsamples, or has the latest cutting-edge technology (i believe your rotel dates back to 2000 or so)--the cambridge dacmagic, for instance, does 32-bit and upsamples and only costs $400 or so. that said, i'm not sure that you'd hear a really significant cost-effective improvement with a more modern dac --at the end of the day, it's how good it sounds, not the technical specs, that is determinative. personally, i think your unit would be good enough as is.
This player sounds good but if i was to try a dac, will this make a good transport? it's quite a heavy player.thanks Scott
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