Rotel RCD-1072 .... a DAC for improved sound ?

Please take a look at my system, and give me some ideas for an external DAC to improve the already terrific musical sound of my Rotel deck. I'm wondering if it's possible to significantly improve things, within the body of my very synergistic combination of components. ~$600 budget, including a decent "real world priced" digital cable. I have about a thousand CD's and 500 LP's (mostly 1950's and 1960's small ensemble jazz, female vocals, classic rock, and chamber music), and my listening time is divided fairly evenly between digital and vinyl. Also, if I buy a DAC, I'd probably like to be able to hook up a laptop for occasional internet muscic (Wolfgang's Vault, Pandora, internet radio.) Thanks a lot.
Still looking for advice here...Any ideas ?
Schiit Bifrost DAC (upgradable USB boards)
Used PS Audio Digital Link III (will not accept 24/96 digital music signals, I've heard this one and it was very good)
Music Hall DAC 25.2 or 25.3
Musical Fidelity VDAC MkII
Beresford Caiman
Cambridge Audio DAC magic
You might find a Benchmark DAC1 used for around $650-$700 if you're patient...this would be the non-USB, non-preamp, no-remote version...
In my research I have read all of the above DACs generally sound very detailed, some call that bright, but it depends on the system and the listener. DACs around the $1000 mark (Wyred for Sound, MiniMAX) get more comments about their warmth and how well they handle bass, their general musicality, etc.
My budget is around the same as yours, so I've been watching for a while. Also, the above are all solid state DACs, except the Music Hall, MHDT makes some affordable tubed DACs that get good write ups here on A'gon.
Add to list a used CA 840c.
2 channels of DAC input AND a CD player.

Sell Rotel, add 600$ and you should make it.
Thanks guys..... I appreciate the information.
Buy the Cambridge Audio cdp if you value detail and clinical over natural sounding music. You have been warned.