Rotel RCD-1070

Anyone have first hand experience with the Rotel RCD1070
cd player,and if so,what are your impressions?
I don't have experience with this model, but I saw an article for the new Rotel RCD 1072. I believe the difference is an upgraded DAC. The price was pretty much the same. Good Luck, Chris.
For what it is worth:

I demo'ed the 1070 along with the integrated amp, hooked up to some B&W's,. I thought the sound was quite good and very nearly purchased the cd and amp. Very clean sound with nice resolution. Build quality is excellent and it plays HDCD's as well. Very good looking too.

Some of the british mag's I think have reviewed it (What HIFI or HIFI+).

Thanks to those who responded!
Bought one about a month ago and no regrets yet. It "sings" after running it in for about 2/3 weeks. Make sure you provide it with good support ie: Symposium RBs. Overall sound is "thick" or "analogish" but transparent. Excellent value for the price paid, approx US$600 as with it's earlier sibilings..............
One of the better players for the price. Presentation is bold and transparent. It stayed with me as the rest of my sys. were upgraded significantly. I didn't miss anything until I eventually got another CDP for 3-4 times the price. A slight lack of coherence with complex pieces. I can sell a mint one if anyone is interested. My other choices would be an ARCAM or rega. Philips hybrid player SACD 1000 is no where as good.
Rotel RCD1070 although now discontinued, easily outperformed the Rega Planet 2000. Absolutely no contest! Performance not that far behind the Shangling player. Go buy the new model!! Easy decision.