Rotel RCC-1055 CD-Player

Does anybody have a Rotel RCC-1055 CD-player? What are your thoughts on this unit? I just ordered one at the dealer as they did not have any in stock at the time. I hope I made a good decision. I really want a good 5-disc unit. Can anybody recommend a good digital coax cable?
Wow nobody responded. Must not be very popular I guess.
I demoed one for about two weeks. I liked it a lot, especially compared with my older RCC-945AX. I used the coax digital out running through my Resolution Audio Opus 21. Great setup! I really liked that the power cord can be disconnected! Remote is nice too. I've done a lot of research and this is the best 5 disc out there--The only thing that can touch it is a Califirnia Labs 5 disc machine, but they're out of business. I used and still have a Lat International digital cord, which works great and it's reasonably priced. Good Luck with your machine!