Rotel RCC 1055

Does anyone have one or have any knowledge of the Rotel RCC 1055? Any opinions as to it's quality? I have found no reviews as yet. Thanks
I used it for a few months. Rotel upgraded the power supply from previou changer and power cord is now detachable so you can use aftermarket cords. I think build quality is good and sound is decent. I also used a 955 for years and never had any problems.

I didn't keep the 1055 because I was able to get my hands on a new Cal Audio CL-10 changer. The Cal Audio is a much more sofisticated machine, although the display is antiquated. Build quality is better, particularly the carousel mechanism. And, its a better sounding unit.

If you can find a CL-10 new or in very good shape and you can live with the display, I would suggest buying it. There is/was a guy selling CL-10's new with a 90 day warranty.

If you can't find a CL-10 or are not interested, then the 1055 would be my 2nd choice for best changer available.
I listened to a 1055 a couple times but perferred my C333ES in terms of build as well as sound quality. The 333ES has a better defined soundstage and is more coherent from top to bottom.

I used to have a CAL Icon Mk 2 which basically has the same circuits as the changers (10 and 15) and it didn't sound nearly as good as the C333ES - the CAL was "muddier" for lack of a better word and didn't convey as much detail. It was also prone to problems and getting it repaired was near impossible.
Double, I have both the 1055 and the Cal. I dac them both. If you are going analog out the Cal wins. The 1055 is current, but my CL-10 has been on shuffle-repeat for 500 hours without a blip. My 1055 is in my shop system with a MF A324 dac, it sounds quite good. I think you have picked two winners. CD-R is no problem for either. Z.
I have a 1055 that I use in a second system. I bought it used several years ago; good overall quality, never any issues with the carousel mechanism or any functions with the unit, and it puts out a decent sound in analog. Digital output so you can use with a DAC. While not the higest end manufacturer I do not think you can go wrong with Rotel gear.
Thanks for the response.
After some thought and research,I have about decided to go either NAD C542 or RotelRCD 1072.Can anyone who may have heard/auditioned both offer some input?Thanks in advance for your time.I have a NAD C372 integrated,so there would be some advantage there,but sound quality is my #1 concern.