Rotel RC995 preamp. 2 versions?

I currently own the RC995, and I noticed on the Rotel website that there were 2 versions of this preamp. 1 retailed for $900, and 1 for $700. Any Rotel experts out there that can tell me if this is correct, and how do I know which one I own?
Did one not have Balanced inputs at one time perhaps, or was there ever a change in phono stage?
I'm not sure, but I've seen several duplicate components on the Rotel site with different ratings, features highlighted and different prices. I tend to think that they are simply mistakes. On several units, the year of manufacture is slightly different.
I called up Rotel, and the tech told me that he is pretty sure there was only 1 model. They are getting back to me about why there are 2 listed with different prices. It seems to be a mystery?
My understanding is that the price was lowered to $700 when they were closing out the model. My unit was made in China. One seller on Ebay listed the unit he was selling as being made in Japan? Interesting. A great affordable pre-amp.
Yes. I think the earlier models from 95, 96 maybe, were being built in Japan. I have a RC995 but mine is China, but my RB 990BX amp that was made just a couple years earlier is JAPAN.
So this brings us back to the original question. Will the Original retail price of the RC 995 please stand up?