rotel rc 995 vs. adcom gfp 565 preamps...

any frontrunner between these 2 for budget system?
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The Adcom is at least 10 years older design. I had it a few years back, and was floored by the vast improvement in sound (detail, imaging, air) when I switched to a Creek passive. Although I have not heard the Rotel, my take on it is that the Rotel 995 would be a much better pre.
I think the main question you need to ask yourself is if you are going to used balance outputs or remote because the adcom does not have them. Otherwise it is a great pre, a lot of options on the pre-outs. You can run bypass (which I do very clean) , lab or normal (both of these allow some tone control) but I think bypass gives you the best sound. I also have the gfa-555 amp with it, and it was not to that bad of a price for both pieces. Good headphone output also.
The Rotel is absolutely a great pre-amp. I bought mine used from Echo Audio and I have no regrets whatsoever. (These retailed for $900 at one time, then $699 I believe. Worth every penny even at full retail. For what they are going for used, an absolute steal.) The Rotel has a great phono section and drives my AKG 240M (600 ohm) headphones w/no problems. (Also, the remote allows input selection and controls other components as well.) Most importantly, is very musical. Quality piece of equipment. Highly recommended. No experience w/the Adcom. Hope this helps. Bill