Rotel RC 995 preamp v RC 1070 any reason for one o

I am looking at a Rotel RC 1070 premap How does this unit compare to the older RC 995 soundwise?? I owned a 995 years ago but not a 1070 Should I be holding out for a 995 or does the 1070 sound just as good??? Amp would be a RB 990. Thanks

Differences between two preamps are more than significant. Personally, I have never owned either, so cannot give a valid comparison sound wise in my room. I own the RC-1090 btw, this was Rotel flagship pre several years ago (inside view suggests very similar design and execution as the RC-995 you are interested in)

But, I have something else. Send me email address via pp, I have some very very revealing pictures of both preamps without top plate to send you... See pics, and I bet you'll never return towards the RC-1070 as serious contender, at least in line with RC-995.

The RC995 is nothing special. I owned one but it didn't last long for me. I would consider many other options if you want a grain free and wide sound stage.
I would agree about the insides I know what you are saying. I also did have a 1090 briefly but it was pretty warm sounding in my system. Very well built.

Interesting comment about the stage. I swear when I had a Rotel RB990 and RC 995 the stage seemed congested compared to other items I would move in and out of the system. Rotel to me has always been clean and clear, sonmewhat thin and sometimes bright but very musical. Maybe my Rotel days have passed Who knows.