Rotel RC-1580List of Pre-Amps with HT Bypass

I.m looking for a Per-Amp with ah HT Bypass, can someone make me a list, tube or solid state, thanx
Look at the Emotiva USP-1. Could be what your looking for. Just wrote a review of it here on the gon.
Conrad Johnson Premier 18LS and Krell KAV-280p -- both very good, and versatile, preamps that are often available used on this site (full disclosure -- I have an 18LS listed at the moment).
The Parasound Halo JC-1 BP is phenominal. You can buy a JC-1 used one on Audiogon for $2,200-$2,400 range and then send it to Parasound and for $500 they will upgrade it to the the brand new Home Theater Bypass model which retails at $4,500. I just upgraded a JC-1 to a JC-1 BP and the net result is phenominal. Stereophile just did a review on the new JC-1 BP and concluded it is as phenominal in two channel as it is in HT bypass mode. I agree with Stereophile- I have heard no other bypass preamp that can do that.