Rotel RB1582 mk2 vs Emotiva XPA2 gen3

I looking for a stereo amp to power my B&W 804D3. I'm deciding between Rotel RB1582 mk2 and Emotiva XPA2 gen3 as they are priced similar. I mainly listen orchestra music and movie soundtrack. I have listened Rotel once and think it is pretty good. But I have never got a chance to listen Emotiva. I'd like to hear from anyone who has listened both. How does the Emotiva compare with Rotel in terms of sound quality?
The Emotiva XPA2 gen3 is cheaper than the Rotel RB-1582 Mk2 amp. This Rotel amp is very good especially for the money. I have listened to this same RB 1582 Mk2 amp paired with the Rotel RC-1590 preamp/DAC driving the B&W 805 D3 before at the store and they sounded very good together. Rotel amps usually pair well with B&W speakers.

Not sure about the Emotiva XPA2 Gen3 amp as I've never heard it before so can't comment on that. I would think that the Rotel RB-1582 Mk2 amp will be better and more musical more refined than that Emotiva XPA2 amp. The Emotiva XPA2 Gen3 is a class D design amp and uses switching power supplies whereas the Rotel RB-1582 Mk2 is a linear class AB amp and uses linear toroidal transformer analog power supply. 

What's your preamp and front end source components? 
As it would have it, I have owned both (and still have the Emotiva). The emotiva currently powers my home theater setup and drives 805D3s. The Rotel wasn’t much of an improvement over the emotiva and the emotiva was 5 channel so more useful. Sold the Rotel. It wasn’t until I upgraded a bit more that I found out that neither was great. Very good. But not great. If you can stretch your budget there are a lot of other great options, especially here on Audiogon. Off the top of my head, I’d suggest the PS Audio S300. What’s the top end of your budget?
Correction: The Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 is NOT A CLASS D AMP. However, it does use a switching power supply. I am intimately familiar with this amp as I have rebuilt and upgraded two of the DR models (I have one of them up for sale here on audiogon). It is a Class AB amp, but uses a Class H power supply with two different voltage rails.

If you are looking at a stock Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 and a stock Rotel RB-1582, I would probably choose the Rotel because of the completely linear power supply and likely much better internal parts. The stock Emotiva is good for the money, but it does have some problems. The sound is a bit bright in the high frequencies and the bass is somewhat hollow sounding. The Rotel would be a lot smoother, but it would also be warmer sounding.
Oops.....sorry my bad....first I thought the Emotiva XPA2 Gen3 was class D amp.
Auxinput, thanks for catching that. So, the output stage is class AB but uses switching power supplies. Indeed both Emotiva and Rotel are good for the money or for their asking prices (MSRP). 

I had the xpa 2 gen 1 with B & W 684s that worked pretty well, but when I upgraded to the 804 d3s it became apparent that the xpa 2 was not up to the task. It was very bright and did get distorted at higher volumes. It just did not sound good at any volume and I was disappointed. The 804s have such high resolution that it exposed the xpa 2s weakness. Then I asked myself " why am I pairing a $750 amp with $9000 speakers?" So I upgraded. 
Agreed. For those 804 D3 you gotta upgrade from a stock Emotiva XPA2 amp to at least something like the Rotel RB-1582 Mk2 or the RB-1590 or the RA-1592 stereo integrated amp at the very least. Rotel & B&W have good synergy together.

But not only the power amp that will be a determining factor in sound quality or audio performance. Your upstream electronics play major roles especially your front end source components whether digital or analog front end source components. Cables, listening room and speaker placements also have major impact. 
Having heard the RB-1582 mk2 for many months in two different rooms in my space, I don’t feel like they can really make the 804D3 shine. There are plenty of amazing used amps in this price range. It’s be helpful to understand how much you’re willing to spend and other constraints. Size, heat, willingness to try tubes, music you listen to. Etc. 
I ended up upgrading everything including all components, speaker cable, interconnects, power cables, power conditioner, and dedicated 20 amp outlets along with hours of positioning the 804s. All was worth it. Take it one step at a time and those 804s will shine. 

What is your preamp and what is your front end source component(s)? 
I would say that sell your preamp and digital front end source component if you already have them and buy a Naim Uniti Nova. The Naim Uniti Nova is an all-in-one single box solution. It is a streamer/DAC/integrated amp all in a single chassis. Got built-in Tidal music streaming app & Spotify Connect and is WiFi equipped but you can also use Ethernet cable. It is a very sweet musical sounding unit and will sound really good on your B&W 804 D3. Naim electronics usually pair well with B&W speakers. The Naim Uniti Nova currently retails for $7500 new. Highly recommended! 

I had the Nova paired with the B&W 805 D3 in my bedroom setup before and they sounded fabulous together.