Rotel RB1080 vs Odyssey Stratos vs McCormack DNA

I recently purchased a used Rotel RB-1080, but I am not satisfy with it. It has a click sound occasionally due to expansion/contraction because I put it in a tight cabinet, although it doesn't affect my listening, but it bothers me. I am planning to get another amp around $800. I did some research and found 2 candidates - Odyssey Stratos and McCormack DNA-1. It seems both of them are in a different class. However, they also seems to be a lot older, the Rotel I have is 2 yrs old, while I found a 9 yrs old Odyssey for $800, and I believe the McCormack is even older. I believe the capacitors degrade over time, should I keep the newer Rotel, or go for the older Odyssey or McCormack? Which one would you pick?
Well I did listen to Rotel when I was looking to up grade, the Rotel although good seemed to have a very generic sound (mid-fi). I know the Odyssey is miles above the Rotel in both sound and internal parts quality. I was looking at both the Odyssey and the DNA-1 and settled on the Odyssey "Extreme" Mono's over the Mc. I only did this because I really wanted mono blocks. As for stereo units you will not go wrong in choosing either the Stratos or DNA. Plus both have great upgrade paths available and a great level of service.
If you have a tight fit in your cabinet, the Odyssey amp is a MONSTER amp. If the Rotel fits tight, the Odyssey might not fit at all.

I agree that either the McCormack or the Odyssey will better your Rotel.
I'd be patient and wait for a DNA-1 with SMc Audio upgrades to appear in the classifieds.

Or, depending on your budget, I'd buy a used DNA-1 and send it to Steve McCormack for an upgrade package.
Yes, good point, I need to check the dimensions. But I also read the Odyssey is supposed to be on 24/7, right? I think people said it is not hot, but does it has a standby mode? Does it consume electricity while it is on "standby"? I am afraid to see additional $30 on my bill even I am not listening.

For the DNA-1, if I send it for upgrade, it seems it will be out of my budget. Plus, it seems it is a much older model ... I am worry of seeing minor problems like popping or clicking noise .. it seems I am a perfectionist.
I am worry of seeing minor problems like popping or clicking noise...
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You are not going to experience popping or clicking.

Nevertheless, if you will be more at ease with a newer amplifier, then buy an Odyssey or Rotel.
You can buy a new Odyssey Khartago 110wpc amp for 895.00 NEW direct from Odyssey Audio. I just took delivery of a new Stratos Extreme with both the K board upgrade and cable upgrade this past Thursday. This amp replaced a 2,999.00 Classe Audio amp and even though the amp is still breaking in, it is miles ahead of the Classe. All Odyssey amps have a 20 year warranty as well. I think its a no brainer. BTW, Absolute Sound gave the Khartago amp an excellent review and named it budget product of the year.
I run amps older than the DNA1s and have zero issues with them. If you're hearing popping and clicking noises I doubt it's from your amp.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned here related to your cabinet situation is ventilation. If it's as tight as you say, I'd be worried about cooling with many amps (and I think the DNA needs ventilation).

Another option is a new class D or hybrid amp. I have a PS Audio HCA-2 that sounds great. They can be found used in the $600 +/- range. They are recent production and run very cool, and consume little energy at idle. The also aren't terribly big.
Are the popping/clicking noises from the RB the result of heat expansion. OR can you hear them thru the speakers? the 2nd one is IMO FAR worse than heat related expansion.

An amp at the 10yr + age category is shall I problems. Caps age poorly. If the amp has sat for a year or so, unused, that may be an issue.

The Odyssey would be about as old as I'd go.

When i redid my system over the last few years, I was tempted by an AdCom 555, but only for a second. The amp was easily 20 years old and I'm guessing, was on the way to a full re-cap.