Rotel RB 993

A good friend of mine has a Rotel RB 993 which he wants to sell to me at a very good price.The above Amp I belive is 3 channels. My question is since I'm not into home theater could I use the above Amp for two channel audio,and how do I do that.
Thanks Ross
just because it is a 3 channel amp doesnt mean you need to use all three channels, just run 2 speakers into 2 of the inputs and you are set, the good thing is if you ever do go home theater you can add anoth 2 channel amp and be almost ready for 5.1 audio with a powered sub. Just for now be sure that you are getting a very good price so you are not paying for an amp that technically you dont need.
Yep, sure can. Just feed the amp with the left and right channel from your preamp. This will leave one input (XLR/RCA) and corrresponsing output (speaker terminals) of the RB993 free. It doesn't matter which inputs of the amp you use as long as you use the corresponding outputs for your speaker connection. I recommend leaving the centre input/output free.

This quite a powerful amp and you should have no trouble driving most speakers under normal household conditions.
Thank you both for the quick response.I just wanted to make shure that the Amp would work,and you guys have given me the answer I was looking for.If you dont mind me asking what would be a fair price to pay.The Amp is as new.