rotel rb 991 &rc 1070 vs a higher end integrated.

i am currently thinking about selling the mentioned equipment and moving to a higher end integrated in particular the sim moom i-5080. any thoughts.
I love Rotel for the money, many moons ago it was the amp I used. Great value products, of course better gear will do better, look better and probably hold value better. I don't have any experience with the sim moom i-5080(no idea how much it costs)but if you do a search and see lots of good things about them in the forums and you can swing the purchase of the new unit, by all means go for it. Just because it isn't seperates doesn't mean it isn't going to sound better then mid-fi gear, not by any means! I suppose that doesn't help you with your problem but I felt obligated to throw my .02 in :) ~Tim
You may miss the power you have with the Rotel combo depending on the speakers you use. As an alternative you might want to try a different preamp with the 991, it can sound much better.