Rotel RB 985 MK II

Does anyone have any experienc with this amp. I have one, been very happy with the sound quality. I'm using it with the rotel RSP 980 surround processer. My question is. Is there any difference in sonic quality using the DB-25 cable to connect the 2 versus using quality RCA interconnects. has anyone noticed an improvement with one or the other. I'm currently using the DB-25. Thanks , any feedback would be appreciated
I had both the same amp and processor. I absolutely loved them, but moved onto tubes since I wanted tubes and to go back to 2-channel sound. In my system, I preferred using a DH Labs Toslink from pre to amp, but only used two of the five amp channels. I don't know what speakers you have, but I really liked the Stealth Premier( now discontinued) speaker cables driving a pair of B&W CDM-1NT speakers. I also found that upgrading power cords on each unit makes a very nice improvement. I had excellent results with an early Electraglide Referenceglide on the amp and a Shunyata Sidewinder Gold on the processor.
From another Rotel fan since gone tubed.
I still use their stuff for HT. If it were me I would feel better using descent rca's vs the DB-25 at least for 2 channel, and the 980 does that very well. Try it and tell us if its "an improvement".
to sherod, thanks for your imput. I have a very nice set up for speakers. I have a full JAMES system. 4of the S8.2
the EMB 1000 sub and a EMB 63 center. for my mains I use the paul speltz "anti cables" (LOVE THEM!!)I have upgraded all the power cords and have a BPT power conditioner. The 2 channel set up on this system is amazing, well beyond it's price!!

To cheesehead. thats funny I'm a die hard BEARS fan. back to the subject. My local Rotel dealer said that a good quality interconnect will make a big difference in sonic quality, so I have them on order, will keep you posted. thanks for the help