Rotel RB-880 1984-1987

Could anyone give me feedback with their experiences with the Rotel RB-880 2-channel amp @ 100 watt per channel. The unit was built 1984-1987 with an M.S.R.P. of $1099.00 and weighs in at 40+ lbs. I have owned the unit for a long time and find it to be one of the finest SS amps I have ever owned. It was not until 1998 that Rotel offered an amp, (3 channel RB-993) with a higher M.S.R.P. I find no reviews or information on the web about it, I seem to remember hearing that Rotel took special pride in this amp, but just do not remember. Rarely have I seen this amp on the open market and just wanted to know if any of you have used and/or are using, and your feedback about your experiences. I find it to sound wonderful with every speaker application that I have used. I think it is a gem.
thanks for your reponses in advance.
I can't comment on the RB 880 but I did have the (?)RB 991 which was a great sounding amp. Since that, I've gone from tubes to battery powered amps and now have a Burson integrated which, now that I think of it, sounds very similar, in some ways, to the sound of the Rotel RB 991: big, upfront, alive, never shrill, even handed, deep and tuneful. The Burson has the edge on detail, ambience, tone and separation, enough to justify my having it. But on it's own merits, I miss that Rotel amp.