Rotel RB 1572 class D, anyone own this amp??

Hello all, I am looking to upgrade to a class D amp with around 500w per channel and the Rotel is one of the amps on my short list. This model has been out for about a year now but the reviews are limited, very limited actually. From what I can tell it uses the newer ICE modules with a Rotel transformer. Just hoping to get an owners take on the sonics and any comparison you can offer to the other class d amps available. Wyred monos are also on my list but I would have to wait for them to come up used to be in my budget
I'd be interested also.

The Rotel 1572 appears to be ~ $200 less than the similar wyred st-500, both at 250w/ch into 8 ohm, not 500w/ch.

Wyred's st-1000 is 500w/ch into 8 ohm and runs around $2000 new, about $800 more than the Rotel 1572.

Rotels input impedance is less than 10k ohms, which I think is standard for ICE modules. Wyred provides a customized input stage at ` 60000 ohm input impredance, which means it may match up better with some tube pre-amps. For SS, the difference probably does not matter much.

Haven't heard either, like what I read about the Wyreds, haven't read about the newer Rotel Class Ds yet.
500w at 4ohm is what I should have stated, my speakers are 4ohm so I look at the 4ohm ratings. I tried calling my local Rotel dealers to do an in home audition but they do not stock any 15 series:(
I've had the RB-1572 since it first became available in the US. In fact, I pre-ordered it and had to wait for delivery. I'm using it with a vintage pair of refurbished Martin Logan Sequels, which can be pretty unforgiving to drive. The RB-1572 handles them with aplomb, never breaking a sweat, sounds great, and even stays cool.