Rotel RB-1091 vs Parasound JC1 on B&W 802D's?

Right now I'm trying to decide on amps so I can get my seperates. I do not yet have 802D's but they will be mine someday I hope.

What will be the difference in these amps when powering the 802D's or at least the 803D's? I have the 1091's now, should I keep them or upgrade them to JC1's? This is also going to influence my surround amp (A51 or RMB-1085/RMB-1077) purchase. I would like the components to match and think the surround amp really doesn't matter all that much if it's only being used in theatre and not for music listening.
I own B&W 802D and I have had experience with many amps. If you want read my review:

Good Luck in your search
I used to own the 802d and while I did not have the exact amps you mentioned, I did have the Rotel 1080 and Parasound A21. I preferred the A21. I felt that the Parasound provided a fuller more realistic sound. The Rotel sounded very ordinary and metallic in comparison. From what I remember the A21 has a mid-range hump which resulted in the fuller sound I mentioned. Hope this helps in any way.
Has anybody else been able to do a direct compare between the two amps?
From what I've read at another forum where there are a lot of B&W 800 series owners, Rotel is not the best choice to mate with the 802Ds. Classé, McIntosh or Parasound Halo are better choices.