Rotel Rb 1090 or Rb 1092

I currently use a Rotel rc-1090 pre amp and Anthem MCA 2 200wpc Amp with Paradigm Studio 100v3 speakers. I am looking to upgrade my AMP because 200wpc just is not cutting it in the lower end with these speakers. My question is will a Rotel RB-1090 or a Rotel RB-1092 class D be a better chioce. I have gotten two different opinions from dealers. I listen to mostly 70's and 80's rock and am looking for better kick in the bass area. I see a few used in both for sale but looking for some of your opinions to help with my dilema.
I loved my RB-1090 enough to buy one a second time after selling my first one. I had been down the "upgrade path" and back after owning a couple of other highly respected expensive amps. Low end? Not a problem for this amp-it has a full sound from the bottom up. 380WPC @8 ohms plus low impedance capability doesn't hurt either. Really good for power hungry speakers like the PSB Stratus Goldi's & Revels I used it with for a long time and would probably be great with your Paradigms. Likes a big room. Haven't heard the RB-1092 for comparison.
Mad320, before you go forward purchasing a new amp, I humbly suggest that you play around with speaker placement in your room. Those Paradigm's like a bit of distance from the wall to really sing, maybe start with the closest wall being 3 feet away. I can think of no reason why Anthem and Rotel could not give you the low end you want out of these speakers, that is decent gear - what are you using as a head unit?
I do own the Rotel RB-1080, and I find it to be a very competent amp, but I run a 2.1 system, which is not your situation. I swapped around speaker and sub placement in my office and I got very different sonic results depending on which wall the gear was on.
I have a RB-1090 driving some Ref 100 v2's, and it is fantastic. Low end grip and control to spare. It is the first amp I have had (after cycling through many) that has ZERO strain and effortless power driving the paradigms, waking them up and bringing them to life with a natural, open soundstage. Tight deep bass is truly remarkable - to the extent it has changed my mind about a near-future speaker upgrade and pushed my desire for a subwoofer way down the list.
I own both amps and the RB 1090 is far superior when driving my JBL 4430's, but the B&W 803D's prefer the RB 1092. I also have the RB1091's on the B&W's and can't tell a difference, so much for the mono blocks vs Stereo Amps argument for Rotel. The 803D's sound very clean, but they need an additional sub to enhance the full spectrum for the room, where the JBL's do it all with the 1090. I've played with other amps trying to find which amp works best with my speakers, but given my limited budget I can only go so far. The Sunfire Signature 600 Two didn't come close to the RB 1090, but sounded better than the class D amps on the 4430's. I also tried a Bryston 3 BST, but didn't care for it, either. I don't know if this helps anyone or not, but I prefer the sound of the RB1090 over the RB1092.