rotel rb 1090 and classe ca 200

if you had a rotel 1090, would a classe ca 200 be a move up or just sideways?? the rotel is newer and sounds fine on my infinity 1b mid/tweet panels,just wondering if the classe would add anything more. anybody hear both at one time or another to give input on the sound difference
I have not heard the Classe but I just sold my RB1090.I bought it new 3 years ago with matching RC 1090.In my opinion the Rotel for being a 380 watt pc is nothing but top end.It has no ass. I ended up by-amping it with another amp with a x-over. I still was not happy. I'm back to the McIntosh and I can't get the smile off my face.Forget the French and the Japenese. I don't care what others say. The best amp's are still made in the USA. A 30 year old Mc is still going and selling for about what it cost new. My mint 3 yr old Rotel sold for 60% of it's origional cost. Another one sold on ebay last week for $950. That suck's. Thanks,Bill
Heard both side by side, I thought the Classe was a step up. Better definition in images.