Rotel RB-1080 - good/bad for Legacy Classics?

I am considering a Rotel RB-1080 to replace my Carver TFM-35 - driving Legacy Classic speakers. Any words of wisdom? Bang for buck is important, college aged kids consume all discretionary income. Thanks for the advice.
i assume there is is a problem with the carver, otherwise its a very fine amp, and will drive the classics just fine. the rotel will also, but you may want to spend the money elsewhere.
I used to own the 1080 about 2 years ago. The sound is nice but I found it a bit anemic in the midrange. Also, I recall there used to be a problem with it blowing fuses pretty regularly so be wary if you buy used. For the money, I would go for the Parasound Halo A21 instead. I found the A21 to have a fuller, warmer midrange with great dynamics.

Good luck.
I own the Rotel and also have a B&K Ref 4420. I use them with B&W Matrix 804's and Monitor Audio Silver 5i. The B&W's are crisp so I use the B&K to mellow them a bit. The Monitor Audio's are a bit subdued in the highs so I use the Rotel RB-1080 with them.
Hope this helps. Good luck with your quest.
I have a somewhat similar opinion/use for the Rotel as Eponies54. I use it with speakers the are more laid back or polite, with nice results. Do not care for it with forward or brighter speakers. Very speaker dependent !
I tried both the 1080, and the bigger 1090 with my Classics. i then bought the Parasound HCA-3500 and the sound came alive. Big improvement over either of the Rotels. I would look for it or, the Halo A21, or the HCA-2200 over the Rotels.
I have heard or owned all the amps I mentioned but the A21. I am going on how much a friend has liked it in his system.
I am running my Legacy Focus with a Rotel RMB 1095 and love it...using the Mcintosh MC 132 s a preamp. I tried the MC206 but it wa very dull sounding so I kept the Rotel and umped the 206 - some say I was crazy but I didn't like the combination and I am never selling the Legacy's - They rock!