Rotel RB-1070 vs RB-1080

The obvious (to me anyway) difference between these two amps is that the 1070 is rated at 130 wpc and 1080 at 200 wpc.

My question is, assuming both amps are fully capable of driving my speakers, does the 1080 produce better audio or simply more more power?

Thanks folks.
Rotel 'house' sound should prevail.
The '1070 has no 4ohm rating in the book, though you can infer its output from the 8ohm 'bridged rating.
Thanks Magfan. That helps to simplify the purchasing decision.

Several years ago I auditioned an RB1080 vs RB1050 (I think it was 1050, but the smallest of the lot anyway...60 W I think) and the sound difference went beyond just how loud the amps could go without clipping. The 1050 clipped at fairly low volumes with my 90 dB speakers.

I ended up getting the 1080 for sound quality (vs volume). I have not heard the 1070, though.

I hope this helps.
Can you describe the Rotel "house sound"? Thanks.
It does help, thanks Lewinskih01.

At this point I've committed to the RB-1070 (from a seller on this site). Btw - a local dealer advised that the 1070 and 1080 are being discontinued in favor of the new RB-1500 series.

The RB-1080 (2 x 200 wpc) retailed for $1000 while the new RB-1582 (also 2 x 200 wpc) retails for $1500. I'm interested to hear how they compare.
I have the RB-1080, and driving my B&W P5's, it's high damping factor, combined with the additional power made it a clear choice over the RB-1070. The beefier power supply alone should make for at least bit more solid low-end. I could hear no difference in the mid's and high's of the two amps.