Rotel RA 972 or RA 985BX

As I have had to downgrade (for financial reasons)I have an NAD 317 right now which by the way with three of us listening was prefered over the NAD 370. The 317 was more alive and dynamic and clear in this system The 370 while appealing was more warm and mushy and chocolatey and a little less clear in the bass. Anyway the possible Rotel used contestants are the 60 watt per channel RA 972 from around 2001 and the 100 watt per channel RA 985 form around the same time. I have heard it said that the smaller Rotel sounds better but have never compared these two side by side. I have heard them in different systems years apart so that does not count. Thoughts welcome from anyone with experience with these two. Thanks,keith
i've heard the ra972; haven't heard the 985bx, but i did own the rb980 and rc980 separates, which i believe are the same series. in general i don't think the rotel will be a quantuum leap over your nad; i think you'll find the nad more "alive and dynamic" (as you state), esp. in the lower end. (btw, i like that "warm and mushy and chocolatey"). if you're looking to change, i'd listen to rega or my fave, arcam.