Rotel RA-935 BX :: Any votes for this amplifier?

Yesterday I received my (first) Rotel RA-935 BX. It is over 10 years old but still in "showroom condition".

There is very little mentioned on the WWW about this amplifier.

I love its simplicity as I am a big fan on tone-control-less amplifiers.
It sounds a bit bright compared to other amplifiers I have had.

Downside is poor binding posts. Love the "high-end" touches here and there like the Black Gate signal caps.

Any members here experienced this amp before?

Yes, it's a solid, no-nonsense amplifier. I've owned a couple and passed them on, one to a friend and one to a daughter, when they wanted the beginnings of a nice audio setup. The friend has since replaced the Rotel with a Creek 4330R, mostly to get remote control.
Thank you Sfar for confirming.