Rotel RA-1570 vs Musical Fidelity A300

I have been running my B&W Nautilus 803 speakers from a Musical Fidelity A300 dual mono amp for several years now. This is/was my first "serious" hifi setup so I've never really had anything to compare it to.

I now have the possibility to cheaply acquire the above Rotel, quite a new model, which is rated lower on wattage per channel but has a bunch of attractive new features like digital inputs, USB etc.

I was wondering if anyone was in a position to comment on its performance versus something like the older MF amp. I'll only be keeping one, and ideally don't want to purchase the Rotel just to test it and have to go through the hassle of finding a new buyer.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

I am currently running N804s through a MF A300cr power amp (225 wpc). I had upgraded from a Rotel 1070. The Rotel was grainy and never quite sounded right. The MF is an incredible dual-mono beast, and sounds very musical. Also, B&Ws like lots of current, so I can't see why you'd trade that for some "modern" inputs. Your speakers may not sound as good as they do with the MF.  Even though the MF is older, I would keep it.