Rotel RA-1520 vs Anthem 225 integrateds

I am considering these two integrated amps. Any observation from members that have heard either one, or both, would be appreciated. From what I've read, Rotel and Anthem are on the opposite ends of the sonic spectrum. Thanks for you feedback.

I have heard both the the Anthem is the better of the 2.
Very robust power/current on this integrated. My reference speakers are Thiel (very power-hungary) and the 225 drives them properly.

Rotel is good (not excellent, not outstanding)where the Anthem is excellent to outstanding. I was impressed and I am a separates guy.

If you must buy Rotel- stick w/ separates (preamp + power amp). Keep me posted and happy listening!
I have heard the anthem. It sounded so good I bought one today actually.
I have been auditioning amps to pair with the kef ls50. I wanted something on the warm/analog sounding side. I auditioned the arcam a19, peachtree nova125se, rega brio-r with/without rega dac and a line magnetic 216 tube amp. The anthem sounded the best in my home. The bass was so real and it warmed over the sometimes harsh kef.
After hearing both I would go with the Anthem.
Thanks guys. I'll probably lean towards the Anthem; a warmer and less brash sound is what I'm looking for, something close to analogish.

The only other "warm" sounding component I've had was a Denon receiver which wasn't too bad IMO for music. Hopefully the Anthem will carry some of those traits and improve on them, especially in the pace and timing.

i was impressed w/ the Anthem 225- very robust and powerful for an integrated amp. This amp drove the Thiel CS 2.7 and 3.7 models w/ authority- not easy.

Which loudspeaker will you use? Cables/cords?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!