Rotel RA-1070 amp, any good?

Hi, I wonder has anybody used Rotel RA-1070 amp(Integrated)? I am anxious to know if it is good sounding and better than NADC370 amp? Your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks

I do not own a 1070 but I did audition one. I was impressed with the amp. Full of features, great build quality and sounded really nice. On the analytical, punchy side I would say. Great bang for the buck. I almost bought it along with the matching CD player. Only reason I didn't was that I was able to pick up a used Creek 5350SE for under a grand. I do not know about the 370, however, the reviews seem to be pretty good as well. So are the reviews on the 540I CD player. From a build quality perspective (which is important to me), the Rotel is definitely better. Can you find a dealer that has both and audition?

Rotel gear is great for the money but then again so is NAD and as Matty mentions Creek, I would suggest auditioning as much as you can and buy what you like. I personally would take the Rotel over the other two choices, due to great experience I had with the company a few years ago. I had a RB-990BX(it was my first amp so this is a stroll down memory lane) and it was simply fantastic for what I spent I don't think I have ever gotten so much enjoyment from a component- but alas I moved up and have gone insane with my gear. That being said when I get around to building a second system I will be using Rotel, it works- in fact it works well and sounds great. If money is an object Rotel is the answer and a mighty good one to boot.
I have the RB-1070 driving my rear speakers, and it works well. I actually need to experiment with it driving the front L/R (Just for fun), but it definitely works well for it's current application.
In response to Tireguy;

So that means that the Rotel was "better" than the higher end gear that is driving you insane!

Isn't that what this is all about; Satisfaction?
I have an RCD-1070 with an RA-1070 powering a pair of JBLs and I've been very happy so far. I chose Rotel over NAD for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is build quality.

I have listened to some NAD stuff, but I have to admit that I was never in a position to A/B Rotel vs. NAD in the same room. Both offer good value, as does Creek, but if your list is down to Rotel or NAD - I would go with Rotel.
I used to have a 1060 to drive B&W N805. C370 is too warm and laid back IMHO.