Rotel RA 1062 integrated vs RB 1050 & RC 1070 seps

Any thoughts on the better of these two options?

Should I expect a noticeable improvement in the separates option?

I noticed the 1062 integrated has A / B / A+B which for me would be a benefit. Any other benefits either way beyond upgradeability?

Any tips on minimizing the brightness of the sound while still sticking with these components - I have B&W 602 speakers
I have used both systems.(except mine was the older 1060 line-level integrated.) I thought the integrated was much stronger than the 1070 although the 1070 is rated higher in watts. The seperates gave me a little more detail and soundstage, but not for the price difference. I think the rotel integrated is a steal!!!!
As far as minimizing brightness, use high quality interconnects,speaker wire. Is the source you are using bright sounding?????
The other advantage of the seperates is that if you're feeling bold down the road, the 1070 is bridgable to 300 watts mono, and apparently it's a five minute job that involves moving one clip inside the amp. At $600 a piece throwing another one on the system in a few months time is a pretty good bargain.
good input from you both, thanks guys
I have owned both, and I think the seperates are better for flexibility, and more power down the road, but the integrated sounded just as good , if not better then the seperates. I found no sonic advantage to the seperates!