Rotel RA-1062 AMP and Paradigm Studio 20 v4

Getting back into the home music experience.....looking to buy used...any feedback on this setup would work...I will be listening mostly to vinyl from classical to 80's dance music.....any help greatly appreciated...thanks
Not sure what your budget is, but my hunch is you would enjoy that system very much. The paradigm studio 20 is a fantastic speaker. I've owned all four versions at one point or another.
Had paradigm 20's for a while - Have Green Mountain's now and wouldn't think of looking back - there are a lot of great bookshelves to be had used that will surpass Paradigm 20s for less money. The Paradigm's have a lot of cabinet interference and reflection problems, poor separation and soundstage, also found the high frequency to be somewhat brittle and fatiguing. They Rotel would accentuate this but might work well with some bookshelves with paper cones instead of metal ones.

In fact there is a pair of GMA Europa's for $525 (I have no interest in the sale). Do alot of research before you buy.

my 25 cents.
Paradigm makes excellent products. Skiing Ninja has announced a hotrodded version of the Studio 20 which I would look at before buying the factory version. The performance aspects will be night and day.

From comparison purposes, you might want to look at ATC 11s, Spendor SA1s, and Neat Motive 3is. These English brands will sound better to your music tastes as they all offer more dynamic pacing, better mids and bass, and soundstage around classical and electronica. ATC require 100 watts; the other speakers require less.
Own two pairs of Studio 20's (v2 and v3) - really nice speakers - over the range they handle - very linear - very accurate and more impressively non fatiguing . Not a tough speaker to drive..These speakers are more than good enough to let you build the classic "British" system - keep improving what feeds them and they'll keep passing the improvements on to your ears.Based on price when new these speakers cost half to a third of any of the stuff that is playing thru them in my system - haven't felt they were a limitation yet.
Highly recommended.