Rotel RA-02 or Audio Refinement Complete ?

Anyone have any ideas? I really need help. The difference in price is Rotel + $150 = AF complete

Any ideas are being greatly appreciated !

I've owned both the Rotel RA-01, which is the same amp as the RA-02 without remote control, and the Audio Refinement Complete. I think the Rotel is a wonderful amp for the money and has a few bells and whistles you might find useful, like outputs for two pair of speakers. It's also very compact and nice looking.

I do prefer the sound of the ARC, though. It seems smoother and more refined and holds together bettter at higher volume. It's definitely a big step up from the Rotel and easily worth the $150 extra. It's one of those pieces of gear that can stay in your system a long time as you upgrade around it.
I can vouch for the Rotel. It's only rated at 40w into 8 ohms, but one review measured 90w at clipping, so it's got quite a bit of headroom. I don't know the other one, but I see nothing in its specs that would particularly recommend it over the Rotel.
I've owned an Audio Refinement Complete and Rotel RA-1060 integrated amp. The Audio Refinement amp had a real classy feel to it while the Rotel seemed very utilitarian. As far as sound goes, the Audio Refinement is one of the few components I regretted selling.
I haven't heard the Rotel, but can vouch for the Audio Refinement, as I've owned it four times, and still regret selling it..
Hello, I just searched the 2 amp in and found out that the Rotel was made in 2002, whereas the ARC in 1999, does it matter? or the technology is greater in the Rotel because it is most recently betwwen the two?

thanks, have a nice day !
Age isn't an issue. The usual marketing hype aside, nobody's done anything truly "new" in solid state amplifier design in a long, long time.

But my earlier advice stands. The Rotel, plus $150 in new CDs, will give you more enjoyment in the long run.
I have to disagree with Pabelson on this one. Given my experience with Rotel (albeit, not that particualar model) I would choose the audio refinement even though it's older. I do agree that age doesn't play a role. In my opinion, the audio refinement will give more enjoyment, and have a better resale in the long run should you choose to upgrade.

Don't take our opinions though. listen and see which you like best if possible. Also, which speakers you are using will play a role. Rotel is a good match with B&W, but B&W is an even better match with the audio refinement.
I am using the Infitity Alpha 50 (not high end speakers, though), but I will upgrade my speakers soon. Which one is a good match for this? My room is a medium size bed room. I have a deal on the JMLAB COBALT 815, $635, shipped in 8/10 condition, so anyone tell me that should I go with this?

good night !
Also, I will keep the Rotel RA-02 more time to enjoy it and wait for the good deal on the ARC. The deal I talked about for the ARC is off !

thanks, and have a good night ! "-).......
I have owned a Rotel RA-01 for about two years. I tried to replace it with a NAD C370 but I did not like the sound of the NAD. I cannot comment on the Audio Refinement unit, although it has quite a few reviews in favor of its sound. I recently matched it with a set of Cobalt 706's and a Rega Planet 2000 CD player and I have a really nice sounding system. I am listening to my CD collection all over again. The Rotel RA-01 has a sound that never becomes fatiguing. One of the nice things about the Rotel is the headphone section and a phono input. After auditioning and owning various int amps I think that the Rotel is perfect for the money.