Rotel Power Conditioner

Anyone with input on the new Rotel RLC 1040 conditioner?
I am going to try one with my system as I am looking for some good undervoltage protection ( lots of brown out's this winter). Will run my Sim Audio LF-A and LF-S filters on it, so filtering is not as critical. Thought about Panamax 5500-EX but rotel is half the price so I will try it first. Hopefully the high current circuits will transparantly run my Totem Amber driving my Mani's.
I am curently using a RLC-1040, now for about 6 months. I am very happy with it. If your amp is A or A/B class you may want to plug directly into wall outlet. If you amp is class D (mine is a Rotel RB-1092) then you can plug directly into conditioner. A/B amps typically have more current draw and the conditioner may limit the current going to the amp. I paid $450 for my RLC-1040. I looked long & hard and this was the unit that fit my budget.
I currently have a RLC-1040. I have all Rotel units plugged into it including a Rotel 1095 amp.

So far so good. It completely eliminated a nasty cable ground loop and has a couple of times kicked up the voltage when the incoming voltage dropped.

Also looks great with the rest of my components.