Rotel over Integra?

I have a chance to upgrade from my Integra 5.3 to a Rotel RSX 1057. It will only be used in a 2 channel set up. I have always heard that Rotel was musical and truly audiophile quality but will it be better than the Integra? Being honest, I would like saying I own a Rotel as part of my setup, I suppose that would be worth the upgrade. Just feeling better about it, probably makes it sound better! Thoughts please?
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I have brought up Rotel a couple of times on this forum because, under visual inspection, it looks like Rotel is sort of like a version of Emotiva with better internal components (capacitors, etc.).  However, I've also seen more than once that people did not like Rotel because it was too bright sounding.  I would say to find a location that has Rotel and go listen to it.  Otherwise, maybe try some of the newer Marantz receivers.
Thank you, I have actually listened to  decent Rotel setup at my father in laws, and it was what started me down the road of putting my own system together. I will take a listen to the Marantz receivers as well, my SACD is a Marantz and I love both the build quality and sound.

Marantz has several levels of components, from good -- thru Audiophile -- to xlnt

so be sure to get that sorted out
Yes, that Rotel model is a fine piece of gear. The newer stuff is junk -sourced to china.
Thanks to Auxinput and Randy 11input for your input. I decided to go with a Marantz 5007 and I'm excited with the musicality. Much warmer sound and the highs aren't quite as harsh as before, and the mids are cathartic. Next I'm looking to replace my Yamaha speakers with something a little better. Possibly Polk Audio TSi series or Paradigm, mostly due to a limited budget, I love Focals but just can't stretch that far. Baby steps gentlemen. Thoughts?
used Vandersteen or used Maggies?

a dealer was going out of business here and I saw a pair of MMGs for $200

I like it when a speaker or any manf. has a decades long history of trying to improve their sound...

speaker budget?

if you live near a university it is easy to harvest good quality stuff from students leaving campus at the end of a semester
No Magnas, here's what's on Craigslist right now
Polk Audio TSi 400 - $150
Vandy 1 - $250
Paradigm 7 v3 - $200
Paradigm 7se MK3 with Marantz Receiver $200
KEF Q55 - $225
KEF Q90 - $150 with a bad low pass filter
Various Klipsch - $200 - $300
Energy Connoissuer C6- $300
Maybe post this question in the speaker sub-forum and also list your current equipment.
I hate to rain on this parade, but the OP said he wants a 2 channel system so I sure hope he has not bought a Marantz 5007 yet because that is an AVR. Not really suited for music. Not really hi-fi either. And why are you looking at another AVR? Proper 2 channel stereo reproduction and HT are two different worlds.

When randy-11 suggested Marantz he also said they have several levels of gear - good through audiophile. An 5007 may be good for a small HT application but its is never going to drive Vandersteens or Maggies. The true hi-fi series Marantz offers is their reference series and they are built in Japan. This is the audiophile gear that can compete with the best gear out there. All the rest is mainstream HT stuff built in China. The 5007 being one of them.  And will be no better than your current Integra.

My suggestion is not to buy a thing and get educated. Learn about the two key specs of a speaker - Impedance (how hard it will be to drive) and
sensitivity (how loud it will get with a given amount of power) and how these specs relate to the amps power output into given loads.