Rotel or B&K, who's warmer?

I have posed amp questions before for my Paradigm Studio 60v.2 and got some real good suggestions, but all of these have been out of my current price range. Many suggested Anthem, Bryston, and McCormack which I wish that I could afford. I just recently purchased a pair of new Paradigm Studio 40v.3 speakers for my new house. I find the new v.3 speakers to sound brighter or more tinny than my v.2 speakers. I real dislike brightness in my music. I am going to use my Denon 3802 receiver to run my surounds and patio speakers and as a processor for HT use, but I it's sound with the ST 40v.3 to be too bright. And yes, I have broken them in for well over 200 hours. I want to add a 3ch amp to give the 40v.3 more power and hopefully a little warmth. I am buying used for cost considerations. I was wondering who had the warner sound, Rotel or B&K amps? I was specifically looking at the Rotel RB-993 (200w*3), B&K ST-1430 (125w*3), or the B&K ST-3140 (140w*3). Any suggestions on these or similarly priced 3ch amps would be helpful. I mostly listen to Widespread Panic, Greatful Dead, Neil Young, some Bluegrass, etc. I will also use the amp for HT.
For what it's worth, given that I haven't heard the particular models you make reference to, based upon quite a few others I've heard from both manufacturers, I would venture to say that the B&K will be less bright, or warmer.
Fishcall, I've used a B&K ST140 for my studio60v2s and was quite pleased. I am now using a EX4420 for them and am even more happy.

I have no experience with the Rotel. However, I have heard bad stories about their customer service department. B&K services and backs their old products. You might want to take that into consideration when you make your buying decision.

Good luck.
upstate audio-
did you feel the B&K ST140 had enough power to play the ST60s loud? i am also considering getting 2 of the ST140 amps and bi-amp my ST60s. anyone tried this?
If you want something better... revealing, not warm and colored, try the Belles amps..great value, true hi-end..Tom
or how about the B&K ST 3140 to run my center speaker and the mid/bass units of my Paradigm Studios and a B&K ST 140 to run the high drivers on my Studios? will this sound good?
Fishcall, the ST140 did play the studio 60s loud. However, they are in a small room 11 x 12. What I got with the EX4420s was tighter bass (bass with the ST140s is somewhat sloppy) and cleaner highs without losing that tubelike smoothness.

Loudness was definitely not an issue.