Rotel, Odyssey, or Classe with N805's

I am looking for an amplifier to add to my HT/2 ch system. I currently have B&W N805's that are being powered by a Rotel RMB 1075 (120 wpc) and a Rotel 1066 pre/pro and a modded Sony 999es. I listen to vocal Diana Krall, Norah Jones,etc and "adult alternative" John Mayer, Jack Johnson, DMB. I have heard the Rotel with the B&W's. Can anyone give some input on the Odyssey Stratos with B&W, I will using the Rotel as a pre or the Classe CAP151 integrated or CA 200 amp.

Going to the Stratos wouldn't be much of a difference. I'd try the Classe myself. Have you considered using a tube preamp, that may help alot with the music you like. Tube pre's are easy to use as they only require a few tubes every couple of years, no biasing etc. Your 120 Rotel is a decent amp and even with the 200 wpc Classe you're not going to notice much unless you're using up all of your power. The volume difference between the Classe and your Rotel will hardly be noticeable, about 3 db.
The classe will have awesome synergy with the B&W's. I cannot recommend that combination enough.
The Stratos that you probably know of is not the same Stratos anymore! Go to and see how this amp evolves now. New caps, 800VA transformer, new circuit board are some of the feautures of the Stratos Extreme. The new Stratos basic have incorporated improvements too. If you have the original Stratos, I believe you need approximately $500 for the transformation to happen including shipping both ways.

I am not affilited to Klaus or any of his business dealings (Odyssey). I am just aware of what is going on because I used to own the Stratos Monos.

I think the Odyssey Stratos amps would be my choice. I don't think you can beat them for the money. Here's a link to a review for the Stereo Stratos. The monoblocks and extreme monoblocks are even better.
In my evolution , I went from Rotel to Classe. The difference was greater than I expected. Even my best audiophile friend could not believe the difference. Just my experience.
The Stratos "sound" would be on the warm side of neutral, the Classe (note however: judging by their bigger models) on the slightly colder side of neutral.
The Stratos will try to favour midbass/bass energy, the Classe treble energy.
Good luck!
Having gone from Rotel to Classe myself, I would strongly recomend that upgrade path. If I were you, I would locate two classe 100 or 101 models and run them as mono.....less than a 200 series classe, and it will give you better channel sepparation and more power than you will ever need. Just my 2 cents for what they are worth.