Rotel Michi RHB 10 How is it different??

What is the difference between the Rotel Michi RHB 10 and Rotels other 200 watt per channel amps?? Does it sound different? Is it worth the difference in price on the used marketover the common Rotels? Say $800 verses $400 or $500
Yes. It was made to a higher standard with better parts. Easily worth the difference, I would think. It would be to me. It was their prestige line and had an excellent reputation. Parts quality is one of the fundamental factors underlying the sound of a component. I have looked at the Michi and would buy one if I didn't already have so much stuff (see system for evidence). They were much more popular in Europe , were not promoted much here.I was reading a British audio mag from a few years ago recently and reviewers were listing their choices in different market ranges. It was one reviewer's choice for best top end amp. They are well worth the prices I have seen them advertised for. The Japanese do make good equipment quite separate from their mass market stuff.