Rotel Interconnects

Presently trying to decide what interconnects to consider. I don't have access to store that one could borrow from unfortunately. So I am looking for anyones suggestions on whcih interconnects they might have had ex[perienced with or just could recommend for a Rotel RCD 971 CD, RC-995 pre, RB-991 amp, RT-955 tuner set up? presently using monster cable mi 550
I think at one point or another all of us have used Monster cables in some form or another and most will agree that you can only improve from there. Don't get me wrong, Monster does a fine job of being mediocre and inexpensive. For example, the difference between the cable Rotel provides and Monster Cable is almost purely aesthetics, whereas the difference between Monster and say AQ, Tara Labs, Harmonic Tech, etc. can be monumental. Enough about that, I suggest that you go to and start reading cable reviews, in many instances you may be able to find others whose components are similar to yours and that may have done testing with many different manufacturers' products. Also you will notice in their descriptions qualities that a certain cable brought out of their system and only you know what you really want, or need out of your set-up. The cables that have made the most difference in my system are my Analysis Plus Oval9 speaker cables and my Tara Labs RSC Master Gen.II interconnects. Happy Hunting, oh yeah, for me it's fun too, hunting down the next great tweak, improvement, upgrade. Enjoy
Harmonic Technology precision link interconnects($149) and melody line speaker cables ($249). I have compared these with numerous other cables in their price range and found them to be wonderful. Analysis plus has a speaker cable out now for $151 that may equal the melody line but their interconnects are much more expensive. You will hear a huge difference moving up from you monster. I've used the precision link with a lot of success with th RCD-971(great player)
Thanks so gives me a place to start...I'll also have to look at power cables also for RB-991. Yes I agree the 071 is very nice for the money!
Harmonic Ac pro 11 is a nice power chord for the money $180
I have a set of the Analysis plus Oval 12 speaker cables and
I could not be more happy with a et of cables. I would like to hear the Oval 9's however.