Rotel DAC


I have a friend whom owns the Rotel RDP-980 DAC. It appears that the toslink output is non-operational. How can he get it fixed? Whom can eval and possibly fix it?
How does he know toslink is the problem? It could be something else. I would have him try all the toslink connections on the Rotel first, if he hasn't already done so. You also need to list the complete system.
Could easily be the cable. Has your friend tried different ones?
Much thansk! for the replies so far.
Yes, all of the coaxial outputs appear to be in working order.
Yes, we will try different cables. Just wondering if there is a repair tech or shop if we need a consultation?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
You also need to list the complete system.

How the heck would listing the complete system help in this situation? He asked sarcastically.

Here's my suggestion if the dac truly is at fault: used on ebay.
No idea who the seller is but probably cheaper than repair.