Rotel, ATI or Parasound for Vienna Acoustic Straus

Hi, I'm looking for a 5 channel amp to drive my Vieena Acoustic Strausses and I'm thinking about Rotel, ATI or Parasound? Looking to but used and spend about a grand, + or -. Anyone actually listened to anything similar or have some relevant experience? It's hard to find these in my small town. Thanks so much for your help!
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I dont about ATI but I used to own Rotel and Parasound Halo. I would wholeheartedly recommend Parasound. It is a great balance between solid state dynamics and a bit of tubey warmth.
Thanks, guys. One question about Parasound (probably the 2505 I'd be interested in) I've heard they run pretty hot, while the ATI and Rotel are not. Any thoughts?
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