Rotel A 12 and Chromecast Audio


I have connected Chromecast Audio via optical cable to my new Rotel A12 integrated amplifier. I am using HiFi cast app on my android device to cast music from my local folder. I can't get to have CCA play 24/192 at all. It plays only 48 or 98khz. Am I missing anything? Is it a problem with CCA or Rotel or something else? The customer service support teams just blamed one another.

Appreciate some feedback. 

Also, if you're aware of this amp, can you confirm if the USB (front) port is only for Apple devices? It didn't recognize any of my USB devices. 

Thanks for your time!

The Chromecast Audio device only supports 24/96k audio.
Thanks for your quick response. I don't know where exactly, but I do remember reading it supports 24/192. Looks I like got the wrong information. I just checked it on Google CCA page, and you're absolutely right. So is there a way to wirelessly stream 24/192 without buying an expensive network player? I've a real estate issue, so worst case, planning to try raspberry through USB. Appreciate your thoughts/experience.