Rotel 991 cd player

can anyone comment on this cd player? If I have USD1000, should I buy a DAC with my existing DVD or CD player? Thanks
If your existing CD Player will make a good transport a DAC is a fine idea. The MSB Link DAC III is great for only $400. The RCD-991 is a very nice player for the money. I usually do not find Rotel players to my likeing, but this player is the exception. I have the RCD-990. I've heard the 991. Very similar, the 990 being a little better in the lower base. Either model is one of the best I've heard for classical music at that price point.
I would suggest you to buy an outboard DAC and use existing CD or DVD player as a transport (if it has digital output). By using external DAC, you have flexibility to upgrade your system to catch new technologies by upgrading DAC instead of changing a new CD player. Most of all, usually external DAC sounds better than internal DAC in CD player.