Rotel 985 MK II enough for NHT 2.3As?

I've just bought a Rotel 985 to power my home theater system, but I need to pick up a second 2-channel amp to do 7 channel (got a Lex DC-1 to go with the Rotel). I was planning to get something small, like a 970 (on eBay today), to drive my SuperZero surrounds.

However, I've also got NHT 2.1 full-range rears, and my center is a pair of 1.3As, wired in parallel, and I'm concerned that this might get to be too much to ask of the 985 (2 full-range 4 ohms, a 4 ohm parallel load, and two 8 ohm full-ranges).

Can the 985 handle this, or should I get a 990 to drive the 2.3As and just let the 985 take care of everything else?
I owned a pair of 2.3A's and found them to need a great deal of current. They are actually a 4 ohm nominal load. I think the min imp was 2.5 ohms. You will be better off with a seperate 2 channel amp for the 2.3A's. Something rated a least 100w @8 ohms and doubles into 4 ohms. One of the best "cheap" amps that I used was the Adcom GFA1A. Ebay for <$200. Great little 200w amp, if you can keep the fan from sucking up the dust bunnies. If you can spend $600-$700, a Classe CA100 will work extremely well. Try Kimber 8TC cable with them.
Thanks for the tip! I pretty much decided the same thing myself, so I snagged a Rotel RB-981 (130w @ 8ohms) since I wanted to stay all Rotel for power so that everything had matching sonic signatures.

Thanks again!