Rotel 955AX cd player

Just got one of these for a song. Any opinions on this unit? I have heard about using it as DAC for transport. What does this mean?
Listen to the player first before you decide to do anything else.

Might want to check out the forums for more additional information that might be useful
It would need to have a digital input in order to use as a DAC for an outboard transport. It doesn't. It was good in its' day but is very long in the tooth. I wouldn't expect too much.

Inside a typical one-box CD player there are two main components, the transport that spins the disc and picks up the digital signal and a digital to analog converter for those bits, the DAC. Some players have outputs only for the two channels of the analog signal after it's been converted from digital. Some also have a digital output that gives you access to the signal before it is converted to analog by the DAC.

Some higher-end players also have a digital input that lets you take a digital signal from another source, run it through the DAC inside the player and output a two-channel analog signal.

Narrod is right that you can't use it as a DAC because it doesn't have a digital input but you may be asking if you can use it as a transport for an external DAC. It does have a digital output so if you had an external DAC that was better quality than the one inside the 955 you could go that route for better sonics.

I think you heard about using it as a transport for a DAC not a DAC for a transport.