Rotel 1572 no sound until volume is cranked to 40 percent

I have a Rotel Ra 1572 that was a demo from a dealer thats on loan to try out.
There is no sound until it is turned up to about 40 percent and it goes to 95 percent max. Is that normal?
I started using the Node 2i DAC with RCA cables then switched to coax using the Rotel DAC and yes it sounds better I think.
Same here, running the Node2i really sounds great.

Are you using Rotel’s DAC or the Node’s DAC? I think it’s sound better with Rotel’s DAC, bigger and vivid sound.

The full price was 1699 euros, he gave me a 270 euros discount but it’s virtually brand new. What about you?
Yes, the dealer said it was normal.
Im using it with a pair of Vandersteen 1c's and streaming with a Blue Sound  node 2i and it sounds Fantastic!!
How much did you pay for yours if I may ask?
Coincidence enough, I'm in the exact same situation. I just got a demo RA 1572 from my dealer that he said it's only 4 months old and less than 100 hours played. 

I'm really intrigued why I need to crank up to 60 to be able to start having some fun, I mean below 45 there's just a whisper of sound. Trying to find any thread on google I found out yours. 

Did you get any feedback from your dealer about it? I'm calling mine tomorrow 
Possibly. It depends on the sensitivity of your speakers. My wife and I have three systems and none of them make any sound until the volume is turned up. The bedroom system has the least-powerful amp. Its volume control goes to 99. It makes no sound until it reads 50.