Rotel 1090

I am considering replacing my Rotel 1090 amp that powers my B&W 802Ns. Suggestions. I don't really want to spend above $3000. My lifestyle (little ones) don't allow for tubes but I think I would like the sound. I am not in an area where I can demo from a local store, so that leaves either mail order or the used market. I am looking for an amp that is musical and can get the bass out of the B&Ws. I see that bel cantos are available used at that range and I think the new, yet to be release wyred4sound amps are warmer sounding then their current amps. Maybe I should keep what I have. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
The new W4S Mamp monoblocks have been out for almost a year. The are great amps - especially for the price. super transparent with outstanding bass. I had the 1090 quite a few years ago. No comparison IMHO.
Cdente thanks for your response and the perspective. W4s has a couple of two channel amps based off the module in the mAMPs coming out soon. I think the B&Ws could use the extra juice. I assume they are voiced like the mAmps with more power. Thanks for the advice
It will be interesting to see their next iteration of this product line. The monoblock configuration is desirable for the utmost in channel separation. Obviously there is a price to be paid for this configuration. Hopefully any new stereo or multi-channel amps will have the same 100k ohm input impedance and sweet input buffer stage as found on the Mamps. Keep me posed if you go the new W4S route. I've got a new tri-amp application coming up in 2014.
I was looking at the mAmps but the B&W 802n dip into that 3ohm territory and was worried I need more power (room size 14w x 21l) but maybe the mAmps would be good. I was looking at their older amps (from the power standpoint) but the sonic description of the mAMPS seem like a better fit. I am definitely looking at the warm and organic end of the spectrum.