Rotel 1072 or Arcam DV27?

I happen to have both at the moment, having bought the Arcam while the Rotel was off being cleaned and having its IC re-soldered.

As I play identical discs in each one and do quick switches on my LSA Statement integrated, I can't really spot a huge difference. The Arcam may sound a bit warmer, but the Rotel seems a bit more detailed. I have them running through Blue Jean and Clear Day cables, and switching those around doesn't make that much of a difference, either.

So - which one should I hang on to?
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Keep both so you have a backup when the laser/transport assembly in the first one fails. Or, research which has the most easily replaceable laser/transport and keep that one.
play one for a few weeks and switch them and listen to the other one for a few weeks, do not bother thinking about sound quality just listen to the music the one you prefer should present itself.

at least this is what I would do

good luck and enjoy
Don't over-think it. Both are good units and provide good sound quality. If money is tight, sell the one that will net the best return. Otherwise, keep 'em both knowing you have a good quality backup on-hand should the need arise...