Rotel 1068: How to get into Dolby IIx?

Recently got a used Rotel 1068, which I like very much except that I can't figure out how to get into the sub-program to manage the Dolby IIx parameters: Followed the manual, but can't get the program to let me in. Please advise. thanks in advance.
Hi Jgb..Did you hit the AUD button then hit Menu button. hit input, then scroll down to default mode and hit enter, you will see Dolby pro logic iix. scroll down and select the parameters and change your settings. That's it. Hope this helps.

Many thanks for your directions: I'm not really dyslexic, I just am "Manually challenged."
No worries Jgb. Glad to help out. I've used this preamp before, loved the sound of it. Moved up to the RSP 1570 for my main ht setup. Also have the RSP 1069 for bedroom surround. Nice piece of gear as well. Enjoy the RSP-1068.