Rotel 1062 vs. Arcam a65 plus.....

Considering going with a budget int for 2nd system...looking to gain speed,clarity,transparency, and articulate bass...any thoughts? Both have received high praise considering their moderate pricetags...rotel gear has a reputation for being slightly bright and the 1062 any different? Maybe a used 1070?
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I owned a 1062 and an Audio Refinement Complete at the same time. While the Rotel has a few extra features That the very basic Complete lacks, I much preferred the Complete for about the same $ used. The Complete seemed to be built to a higher standard and just invited listening.
Good luck and let us know which way you go.
I would say Rotel 1062 without hesitation over Arcam a65, yes the sound is slightyl forward but very slightly forward can be heard for hours and is very lively and dynamic, also its a high current amp with 23 Amps and though rated at 60 W @ 8 ohms actually measures 95 W @ 8 ohms and would drive most speakers without difficulty, Arcam A 80 would be a fair comparision withe the 1062. However Arcam a 65 is a nice amp as well. what speakers would you be using?