Rotel 1052 and magnepan MMG

I have a rotel 1052 in the manual it only mentions 8 0hms nothing on 4 ohms it does have 100 watts per channel. the mmg are 4 ohms speakers.Would it hurt the receiver to drive these speakers .
I drove my dynaudio 52SE's with a rotel 1052 for a year or so and was pleased. The dyn's were about the same efficiency on paper. If the actual impedence of the Magnepan's however go below 4 ohms it may be a chore to drive.
Just contact Rotel and ask them. The rule of thumb is if it doesn't say 4 ohms it will have difficulties driving a true 4 ohm source. This being their top of the line model at one point it is possible that it will. Or just send them an email.
I have contacted Rotel on the 4 ohm issue. No sweat
in using 4 ohm speakers. This was with a 1552 amp.
I used to drive my SMGc's with a Rotel 60W integrated. No problem going plenty loud, but the problem is that the dynamics were very compressed, which took a lot of excitement out of the listening experience. Small Maggie's need at least 100W of high-current power to get good dynamics.